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UNAIR Islamic Economics holds a summer program for inbound students from Lincoln University

UNAIR NEWSInbound student program always receives special attention within educational institutions. The Islamic Economics program of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), in collaboration with Lincoln University, organize a Summer Program from January 1st to 13th, 2024. Nine students from Lincoln University New Zealand participated in the summer program, which focuses on Food Security, Sustainability, and Islamic Finance. 

Four main activities were held in the summer program. There are academic lectures, business visits, learning traditional dance, cooking classes, and teaching sessions for elementary school and junior high school in Surabaya. The activities aim to introduce various cultures in Indonesia and provide in-depth understanding of food security, sustainability, and Islamic Finance. Besides, it also offers valuable learning experiences during the inbound student program in Indonesia. 

On Tuesday, January 2, 2024, the Lincoln University students were welcomed by student buddies from UNAIR. The management team of FEB also attended the welcoming event, including Dr. Ahmad Rizki Sridadi SH Mh MM, Vice Dean 2 of FEB UNAIR; Prof. Dr. Sri Herianingrum SE MSi, Head of the Sharia Economics Department; and Bayu Arie Fianto SE MBA PhD, coordinator of the Islamic Economics undergraduate program. The agenda continued with speeches and campus tour of Campus A, B, and C. 

In the Summer Program, Lincoln University students received in-class materials on Food Security, Sustainability, and Islamic Finance. These themes attempted to provide participants a comprehensive grasp of how to create a just and sustainable food system that upholds moral standards and fairness, in keeping with Islamic beliefs. 

One of the key agendas in the summer program was company visits to PT Petrokimia in Gresik and PT Garam in Sampang. The objective was to acquaint participants with the management flow and business activities in these renowned companies.

On the following day, they joined a traditional dance class and cooking class. The activities served to introduce Indonesian culture and offered an entertaining schedule in between lectures.

After that, the participants also taught English classes at SD Al-Azhar 35 and SMP Al-Azhar 13 Surabaya, giving an unforgettable teaching experience for the New Zealand students.

Author: Maryam Fauziah 

Editor: Feri Fenoria