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UNAIR Rector welcomes home PIMNAS 36 contingent

Prof. Nasih and PIMNAS 36 contingent taking a group photo at the welcoming event on Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023, at the UNAIR MERR-C Campus Management Office. (Photo: PKIP UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS – The Rector of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) welcomed home the 36th National Science Week (PIMNAS) contingent directly. The event was held on Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023, at UNAIR MERR-C Campus Management Office.

Prof Dr. Mohammad Nasih SE MT Ak expressed his appreciation to the UNAIR contingent who had performed at the 36th PIMNAS event. “Congratulations to the contingent who have achieved extraordinary achievements. The supervisors have also struggled tremendously. We give our highest appreciation for this achievement,” he said.

Even though they have achieved extraordinary achievements, Prof Nasih still reminded the UNAIR contingent not to get carried away. He encouraged the contingent to improve their achievements in a similar event next year.

“We must not be easily complacent, next year we must produce even more achievements. Future strategies must be designed better,” said Prof Nasih when welcoming the contingent.

Moreover, UNAIR had the opportunity to host the 37th PIMNAS event. It makes Prof Nasih optimistic that the UNAIR contingent will make even better achievements. “At least, if you compete at home, you will have better confidence, you will be much more optimistic and enthusiastic,” he said.

At this event, Prof Dr M Hadi Shubhan SH MH CN, Director of Student Affairs UNAIR said that during the competition of the 36th PIMNAS, the contingent from UNAIR did not experience any significant obstacles.

“During PIMNAS everything went well. We have no technical or non-technical obstacles,” he said.

The nine teams from UNAIR competed in the PIMNAS event at Padjadjaran University, Bandung. The struggle that the contingent went through finally bore sweet fruit. UNAIR managed to win third place nationally in this event.

The UNAIR contingent team won several medals, such as 3 PKM-RE Presentation Golds, 1 PKM-K Presentation Gold, 1 PKM-PM Presentation Bronze, 1 PKM GFT Poster Silver, and 1 PKM-KC Favorite. Three UNAIR contingent students won awards as talented students.

Author: Icha Nur Imami Puspita

Editor: Nuri Hermawan