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UNAIR students win 2 Awards at NCHU Taiwan

UNAIR NEWS – Three Islamic Economics students from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) won two awards at the 2022 Summer School Sustainability Workshop. The “Carbon Reduction” activity was held by National Chung Hsing University Taiwan (NCHU) from August 22 to September 7, 2022. They are Cinantya S.Putri, Yan Putra Timur, and Firdan Thoriq F.

“Initially, there was information from our administrative staff, then I checked it out, several programs matched my interests, and I applied. We got two awards, Jury Choice Award and Team Awesome Award,” explained Cinantya.

Cinantya, UNAIR Islamic Economics Master Student, told about the challenges faced by the three joining the Summer School Workshop event.

“We have to be aware of the time zone so we are not late for class because the time difference is one hour earlier than Taiwan time,” she explained.

Cinantya said they had the opportunity to take Film Editing Course for free to make it easier for them to do their assignments. One of them is making a video of this SDGs project. According to her, this free film editing program is in Taiwanese language, but with the help of google translate, they could still understand and work on it.

“Our final presentation uses Gather Apps, we were informed to watch videos and mock presentations for the technicality of the final presentation one week before the event.”

Furthermore, Cinantya said that there were participants from Indonesia besides her team. “There was Lintang, UNAIR undergraduate student currently on Student Exchange in Taiwan. Then seven more people from various campuses in Indonesia, such as UGM, ITS, and other campuses.

Meanwhile, Bayu Arie Fianto SE., MBA., PhD. The Head of UNAIR’s Islamic Economics Department and Head of UNAIR SDGs Center, who became a speaker at last year’s event was asked to be on a jury with five other academics: Dr. Nichole Yueh-Neng Lin (National Chung Hsing University), Dr. Fei-Fei Cheng (National Chung Hsing University), Dr. Lorenzo Todorow (University College London), Dr. Yen-Chen (Elsen) Ho (National Chung Hsing University).

Author: Agung Santoso

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia