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Bangkit Academy top graduate now PT United Tractors data scientist

Adi gets a chance to apply his knowledge at PT United Tractors
Adi gets a chance to apply his knowledge at PT United Tractors

UNAIR NEWS – Seizing an opportunity to be involved in the Independent Learning Emancipated Campus program is the dream of every student. Muhammad Adi Nugroho, a student of Nanotechnology Engineering at Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), is one of those who managed to achieve this dream by qualifying for the Certified Internship and Independent Study (MSIB) Batch 6 program.

Adi is currently interning at a subsidiary of PT United Tractors Tbk, PT Triatra Sinergia Pratama. PT United Tractors Tbk is a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk with business in construction machinery, mining contractors, mining, construction industry and energy. The company is one of the leading and companies in Indonesia.

“In this internship, I got a part in developing a dashboard for the Human Capital Department, which contains a visual summary of applicants, workforce, performance, and so on. Furthermore, I automate the employee requisition, determine cutoff scores from psychological test results, and develop face recognition system for attendance purposes,” said the FTMM student class of 2020.

Adi joined the MSIB because he was motivated to prepare his future after graduation while pursuing a career in IT. His interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) fueled his determination to play an active role in the development of these technologies at the company where he interned.

For him it is essential to prepare thoroughly for the MSIB program. Starting in his third semester, he made the preparations. Adi did a lot of research to understand the needs of the industry until he finally found the Data Scientist position. 

Failed and try again

“Since I know I want to be data scientist, I started exploring the path to becoming a data scientist. After finding it, I learned various tools and related materials. Within a year, I focused on learning independently before finally deciding to apply for the MSIB program. However, in the MSIB Batch 4, I did not make it through,” Adi explained.

Failing in MSIB Batch 4 did not deter Adi. With strong determination, he tried again to enrol in MSIB Batch 5. Hard work never fails, and Adi successfully passed the Independent Study Program at Bangkit Academy, in the field of Machine Learning. Furthermore, after attending the program for one semester, he was declared Bangkit’s top graduate.

“It is simple, before registering for MSIB, identify and find out what is needed for the target position. Then create a project or do freelance with the tools you have mastered. No less important, be active in organizations and prepare for other administrative requirements. Either I will find a way, or I will make one!” Adi concluded.

Author: Maissy Ar Maghfiroh

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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