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FTMM students internship experience in international oil and gas industry

Muhammad Rafli Nabil Arsalan during his field work at PT McDermott Indonesia (Photo: Muhammad Rafli Nabil Arsalan)
Muhammad Rafli Nabil Arsalan during his field work at PT McDermott Indonesia (Photo: Muhammad Rafli Nabil Arsalan)

UNAIR NEWS – Muhammad Rafli Nabil Arsalan, an Electrical Engineering student at the Faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline (FTMM) of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), was given the opportunity to intern at PT McDermott Indonesia. He and his classmate, Haydar Yahya Alzahroni Susanto, were among the few UNAIR students to complete the internship in the oil and gas industry. Arsalan’s internship program lasted six months in Batam City.

The Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company currentlyhas a cooperation project with Saudi Aramco. Arsalan and Haydar are also involved in the project. “The name of the project is Marjan Project. I work in quality control for electrical appliances,” he said.

With their knowledge as electrical engineers, Arsalan and his colleagues perform three main tasks. Specifically, they inspect electrical items and instruments such as panels, cable trays and other components.

“There are three main tasks that I have done during this internship, including receiving or inspecting materials from vendors that will be installed in modules. Then, testing to check the safety of the components. Finally, installation to check the installed components according to the procedure,” he said.

It has been two months since Arsalan and Haydar completed their internship. He said that he got several valuable experiences during internship. Arsalan felt a positive work environment that supports him to continue growing. He also had a supervisor who helped him with the internship.

“The interesting thing for me is that I have a very good supervisor. He sees us as a family here, not as competition,” he explained.

However, every day is a new challenge for Arsalan to complete his internship program. Arsalan hopes that the program can pave the way for UNAIR students to perform in the oil and gas industry.

“PT McDermott is an international industry where a lot of customers come from foreign countries. So it is quite a challenge for me to speak fluently with them in foreign languages,” Arsalan said.

Author: Venni Tanujaya

Editor: Yulia Rohmawati