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Connectivity and integration of Instagram use in the lives of dental students and professionals

Nowadays, social media has become a revolutionary force that affect various aspects of life. In a world where smartphones and the internet have become an essential part of our life, these platforms not only influence how we interact, but also influence how we view ourselves and the world around us. From the benefits of seamless connectivity to its unexpected integration in everyday life, social media has expanded its influence into all aspects, including behavior, mental health, and even sleep routines.

Even though social media provides unquestionable benefits, there are concerns about its negative impacts. Social comparison on social media, has been noted as a factor that can have a detrimental effect on mental health, causing anxiety, depression, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem. Social media addiction has also been linked to lower productivity and social involvement.

Facebook® and Instagram® stand out as two of the most popular social networking sites. These platforms facilitates various communication channels, including text postings, videos, and photos. Instagram®, in particular, not only enables users upload photographs and videos, but also lays a high focus on sharing and attractive visual contents. With features like stories and live videos, Instagram® managed to capture the attention of more than 1.47 billion monthly active users by 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered major changes in the world of digital technology, especially social media. Instagram® usage has skyrocketed during the crisis, reaching 1.2 billion monthly active users in 2019. All this marks a growing global reliance on digital media for everything from communication to work, due to lockdowns and social isolation policies.

Not only the general public but also students and professionals in the dental sector have jumped into the world of digital social media. A study shows that up to 98% of dental students and 75% of professionals use social media for personal and professional purposes. They not only network with their colleagues but also keep their knowledge up to date on the latest news in their industry.

However, amidst all these developments, specific research on how dental professionals use Instagram and how it influences their daily lives is still rare. Thus, the purpose of this study is to examine the impact that Instagram® has had on the lives of dental professionals as well as to determine how it has affected their ability to learn and function effectively.

Author: Dr. Dian Agustin Wahjuningrum, drg., Sp.KG(K)

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