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DPKKA holds MSIB briefing to improve career opportunity

Risza Putri Elburdah SPt MM during Batch 7 MSIB Briefing (Photo: Zoom Meeting)
Risza Putri Elburdah SPt MM during Batch 7 MSIB Briefing (Photo: Zoom Meeting)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), through the Directorate of Career Development, Incubation, and Alumni Affairs (DPKKA), held another briefing for the Certified Internship and Independent Study Program (MSIB). The event called “External MSIB Briefing Batch 7,” was conducted online via Zoom Meeting and broadcast live on the DPKKA UNAIR YouTube channel on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

The MSIB briefing featured various speakers, including students who had participated in the MSIB program and representatives from the MSIB University and Student Engagement team. One of the speakers was Risza Putri Elburdah SPt MM, a senior specialist in University Relations for MSIB.

Risza Putri Elburdah SPt MM during Batch 7 MSIB Briefing (Photo: Zoom Meeting)

Risza explained that MSIB alumni have demonstrated above-average skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. “MSIB alumni also show better leadership competencies compared to other programs, according to surveys from our partners,” said Risza.

In terms of career advancement, Risza revealed that MSIB alumni have a shorter waiting period for employment, averaging only 1.1 months compared to the national average of four months. The starting salary for MSIB alumni is also higher than the national average, at 1.78 times the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP).

“This seventh batch of MSIB also has a larger quota, with 33,610 internship positions and 16,000 independent study slots. Therefore, prepare yourselves as best as you can,” she emphasized.

Thorough preparation is key to success in the interview process. It was conveyed by Rizki Alifia Putri W, an eighth-semester psychology student who is a Recruitment Management Intern for MSIB Batch 6 at PT Astra International Tbk.

Rizki suggested several strategies for interview preparation. Firstly, conduct in-depth research on the company, including its vision, mission, culture, and offered programs.

“Equally important, use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when answering questions. This method is very effective for describing your experiences,” she concluded.

Author: Hana Mufidatuz Zuhrah

Editor: Yulia Rohmawati