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Efficacy of Moringa extracts probiotic during starter period on growth performance of male broiler chicken

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Probiotics and medicinal plants have been used to support human and livestock health. This research aimed to evaluate the efficacy of Moringa oleifera Lam. leaf extract on the growth of P. pentosaceus, L.acidophilus, and L. plantarum during the starter period on nutrient intake, body weight gain, FCR, and feed efficiency in broiler chicken.

This study consisted of three sub-studies: (1) Screening test for phytochemical compounds, including the flavonoid test that was conducted using Bate Smith-Metcalf and Wilstatter method; the Tannin test with Denis’ reagent; the saponin test which was performed by the Forth method; Triterpenoid tests that were performed by the Liebermann-Bouchard method; and the alkaloids test which was conducted using the Mayer, Bouchardat and Wagner method. (2) Evaluation of the M. oleifera extract level, where each test tube was added with 1 mL of each isolate and incubated at 37°C. The growth of probiotic bacteria was calculated by using the TPC. (3) Evaluation of probiotics and M. oleifera in vivo to prove growth performance. All results were analyzed by analysis of variance (ANOVA) then followed by the Duncan test.

The research revealed that: (1)The phytochemical screening test of M. oleifera extract showed the presence of flavonoids, saponins, tannins, triterpenoids, and alkaloids; (2) in vitro evaluation of M. oleifera extract could increase the growth of bacteria probiotic (p <0.05); (3) The use of probiotics and M. oleifera extract could improve growth performance. The result of body weight, body weight gain, FCR, and feed efficiency significantly differed (p<0.05), but there was no significant difference (p >0.05) in nutrient intake.

The use of M.oleifera extract at doses of 0.1%, 0.2%, and 0.3% increased the growth of P. pentosaceus, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum bacteria in vitro and the use of probiotics, M. oleifera extract, and their combination by in vivo improved the growth performance on starter phase of broilers chicken.

Author: Dr. Widya Paramita Lokapirnasari, drh., M.P.

Title: Efficacy of Moringa oleifera Lam. extracts  and Pediococcus pentosaceus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum probiotic during starter period on growth performance of male broiler chicken

Link: https://f1000research.com/articles/12-215