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Strengthening World Class University, UNAIR holds FGD with Syiah Kuala University

FGD UNAIR with Syiah Kuala University (Photo: PKIP)

UNAIR NEWSUniversitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has organized a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Syiah Kuala University to strengthen the World Class University (WCU) program. The FGD took place on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, in the Plenary Meeting Room, Management Office, Campus MERR-C.

Attending the discussion were Prof Dr. Muhammad Miftahussurur MKes PhD FINASIM, Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Digitalization, and Information (IDI); Prof Dr. Elly Munadziroh, Director of Career Development, Entrepreneurship Incubation and Alumni Affairs; Dian Ekowati SE MSi, Head of Planning and Development Board; Prof Hery Purnobasuki, Head of Institute for Innovation, Journal Development, Publishing, and Intellectual Property Rights (LIPJPHKI); Yunus Abdul Halim SSi, Director of Information Systems and Digitalization; Dr Hamidah, Head of Internal Supervisory Board; and Dr Unggul Heriqbaldi, Head of UNAIR’s Satu Data (One Data).

Additionally, representatives from Syiah Kuala University’s Equity Team were also present, including Prof Dr Muksin, Head of the Equity Team; Prof Dr Mailizar, Head of the Employer Reputation and Alumni Outreach Division; Dr Kismullah SPd, Head of Internationalization in Teaching and Learning; Nurul Kamaly MAP, Head of the Secretariat and Equity Planning Team; Kana Puspita SPd MSiP, Secretary of the Equity Team; Abdul Chalid SKom, Equity Financial Team; and Nadiatul Asa ST, Data Analyst of the Equity Team.

Prof Dr Muhammad Miftahussurur MKes PhD FINASIM welcomes to the Equity Team from Syiah Kuala University. The professor from the Faculty of Medicine also highlighted the close relationship between UNAIR and Syiah Kuala University, citing the presence of numerous alumni from both institutions in the field of internal medicine.

“Alhamdulillah, we thank the Equity Team from Syiah Kuala University for visiting us. On behalf of Rector, we extend a warm welcome to the entire Syiah Kuala team. Syiah Kuala is like a close relative to us. Many of our alumni work in internal medicine there, forging strong ties between our institutions,” explained Prof Miftah.

Prof Dr Muksin, as the Head of the Equity Team, mentioned that their visit to UNAIR aimed to discuss WCU indicators, Equity fund management, UNAIR’s one-data system, and ways to enhance employer reputation and student exchange at the university.

“Our goal coming here is to learn several aspects. Firstly, we want to discuss WCU program planning at USK. We also wish to briefly discuss financial management, which programs receive equity funding and funding from state universities. We are also eager to learn how to develop programs to improve university rankings. If possible, we would like a brief explanation about UNAIR’s one-data system,” he said.

Dian Ekowati SE Msi, Head of the Planning and Development Board at UNAIR also welcomed the delegates. She explained that UNAIR has five strategic pillars known as SMART, which serve as indicators for developing various programs at the faculty and university levels.

“The WCU indicator is an integral part of the strategic planning process at UNAIR. This means that every year, we will always use these indicators to shape all planning activities at various levels of the university,” she explained.

“At UNAIR, we have five strategic pillars divided into SMART: Sustainable education for all, Meaningful research and community service, Advancing innovation, enterprising and industry linkages, Responsive and lean management, and Topping up tangible and intangible resource utilization. From there, all the indicators will emerge, covering 140 to 150 indicators at the faculty level. Programs will then be developed based on the targets we set, and their achievements will be reviewed annually,” she added.

After the discussion, UNAIR and Syiah Kuala University agreed to hold further discussion focusing on UNAIR’s one-data system, which was not thoroughly discussed during the meeting. The follow-up discussion is scheduled to take place after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

“Thank you for expressing interest in discussing with us regarding the one-data team. We welcome the opportunity to share knowledge on how the reform process began and how resources were collected, as the required data comes not only from within but also from external sources. Perhaps we can discuss further in another session dedicated to this topic,” said Dr Unggul Heriqbaldi, Head of UNAIR Satu Data Team.

Author: Edwin Fatahuddin

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia