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Moving up 2 places, UNAIR ranked 8th in UI Green Metric Indonesia

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has won an award from the UI Green Metric World University Ranking. UNAIR was named the 8th Most Sustainable University in Indonesia in 2023. It further increases UNAIR’s recognition at the international level, especially regarding sustainability policies.

To UNAIR NEWS on December 1, 2023, UNAIR Director of Logistics, Security, Order and Environments, Dr Karnaji SSos MSi said that the ranking was an appreciation for the campus which had shown its commitment to environmental management. “In 2022, we were tenth nationally, in 2023 we have improved it to eighth place at the national level,” he concluded.

In its assessment, UI Green Metric has six indicators, including setting and infrastructure, energy and climate change, water, waste, transportation, and education. Regarding these indicators, Karnaji explained that they are UNAIR’s main focus in supporting a sustainable campus.

“We have infrastructure and buildings that are green buildings. We are also considered to have good water and electricity management with alternative sources. We also have windmills,” he added.

Karnaji explained that UNAIR has made many innovations and massive changes to be a green campus. These include centralizing parking areas, limiting vehicles entering the campus area, building integrated pipes, utilizing collected rainwater in tanks for processing, and waste management.

Furthermore, UNAIR also supports the emission-free movement. It is demonstrated by the use of free electric transportation facilities for mobility on campus. According to him, the role of the academic community in supporting environmentally based movements is needed.

“This movement would bring about a more progressive environment. This is good for the fields of education and health,” he said.

To achieve the goal, a habit must be made. Though building a habit might be difficult at first, it brings significant impacts. Therefore, education for collective awareness should be continuously promoted.

Besides, an awareness and sense of belonging to public facilities must be raised in every part of the academic community. Despite being public facilities, it’s important to maintain them to ensure their sustainable utilization.

“If someone notices running water or lights on, there should be an initiative to turn them off, even if they are public facilities,” he said.

Author: Afrizal Naufal Ghani

Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia