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Palestinian-Israeli conflict gets heated, UNAIR International Relations lecturer comments on Hamas’ existence as a nation

UNAIR NEWS – The Israel-Palestine escalation began with Hamas’ attack into Israel territory in the southern Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023. The death toll has reached thousands. Hamas’ sneak attack and infiltration touched off Israel to take revenge. The attack was launched to reclaiming the homeland of Palestine from Israeli oppression that has persisted for years.

International Relations of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Airlangga lecturer, M. Muttaqien SIP MA Ph.D. stated that the Palestinians attempts to reclaim their land do not violate the provisions of international law.

“The UN resolution grants the right to nations striving for independence to use various means, including the use of armed force, and that’s exactly what the Palestinian people are doing,” he said.

Offering solutions

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has significantly impacted the world’s political situation. In the field of international relations, the condition is known as “All Arabic Core Concern”. This conflict has garnered a lot of attention from the international community, especially Muslims and the Arab world, leading to positive impacts due to its widespread sympathy.

“At the regional level, Israel’s neighboring countries will definitely respond to the issue. On a bigger scale, developing country like the US sends aircraft carriers and Russia supports Palestine,” said the International Relations of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UNAIR lecturer.

The solution to resolve the conflict is by giving freedom to Palestine. The war was ignited due to Hamas’s response towards their existence as a nation with the right to independence.

It aligns with Muttaqien’s statement, “When that right is not fulfilled, the conflict will persist. This might be one of Hamas’ responses that they still exist as a nation.”