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SBMPTN 2022, UNAIR accepts 1,925 new students

UNAIR Rector Prof Nasih delivers a presentation regarding the results of the 2022 UNAIR SBMPTN UTBK. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)

UNAIR NEWS – The State University Joint Entrance Test (SBMPTN) result was officially announced on Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 15.00 WIB. This year, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) accepted 1,925 students. It was stated by the Rector of UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih SE MT Ak, in a press conference in the Amerta Hall of UNAIR MERR (C) Campus Management Office on Thursday (23/6/2022).

“For the SBMPTN, UNAIR received 1,925 participants who passed the SBMPTN out of 31,088 participants, which means the competition level is approximately 6 percent. Slightly tighter than the previously announced SNMPTN,” said Prof Nasih to the press.

Prof. Nasih continued that there were 347 students received with the Smart Indonesia Card Program (KIP) spread across several majors. The majors receiving the KIP-K were the Nursing Study Program with 21 participants, followed by Development Economics and Islamic Economics with 20 participants each.

Furthermore, Prof. Nasih also said that women still dominated the majority of participants who passed the SBMPTN at UNAIR. However, in terms of numbers, there was a decrease in the composition of female participants compared to the results of the state university entrance selection (SNMPTN).

“If 79.09% of those who pass the SNMPTN are women, in this SBMPTN, there is a slight decrease, only 67.84 percent,” said Prof. Nasih.

Regarding grades, Prof. Nasih explained that UNAIR is the fourth university with the highest average participant score in the Science and Technology (SAINTEK) cluster. Meanwhile, in Social and Humanities (SOSHUM) cluster, UNAIR is seventh.

“Medicine Study Program is still the most popular for the 2022 SBMPTN participants. This department has a competition rate of 2.38%. It means that for every one hundred participants who register for the SBMPTN Medicine Study Program at UNAIR, only two to three participants will pass the selection,” he explained.

Other study programs, he continued, which are also competitive in the SAINTEK group, are Nutrition and Information Systems Study Programs. Meanwhile, for the SOSHUM group, there are Communications, Psychology, and Management Study Programs.

In the end, Prof. Nasih also expressed his gratitude because, at this year’s SBMPTN, there was one participant whose test scores ranked eighth nationally in the SBMPTN organized by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT).

Alhamdulillah , in the field of social and humanities, UNAIR also included one of its participants to be in the top ten highest scores, from the Accounting study program,” he concluded.

Author: Haryansyah Setiawan

Editor: Nuri Hermawan