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Three subjects of UNAIR FEB ranked at the top of Indonesian ranking by QS WUR

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Dian Agustia, gives a statement to the UNAIR NEWS Team. (Photo: Muhammad Lutfi)

UNAIR NEWS – Another proudest achievement made by the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). Three of its subjects are ranked at the top in the Indonesian ranking according to the QS WUR by Subject 2022. The subjects are Accounting & Finance, Economics & Econometrics, and Business & Management Studies.

QS WUR is a university ranking that ranks more than 1300 universities worldwide. In its method, QS WUR ranking is based on Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Faculty Student Ratio, Citation per Faculty, International Faculty Ratio, and International Student Ratio.

From its latest published ranking, the subjects of FEB UNAIR are ranked:

1. Accounting & Finance: Ranked #201-250 globally and #2 in Indonesia

2. Economics & Econometrics: Ranked #251-300 globally and #1 in Indonesia

3. Business & Management Studies: Ranked #301-350 globally and #4th in Indonesia

In this regard, the Dean of FEB UNAIR Prof. Dr. Dian Agustia SE MSi Ak CMA CA when interviewed by UNAIR NEWS team on April 8, 2022, said that this achievement is from a collaboration of all FEB UNAIR academics and alumni. She also said that FEB has a working motto, “Synergy with Heart.” For her, this motto is the foundation for all FEB UNAIR academics’ works.

“Because we are already able to enter QS (ranking, ed), we must close our ranks with alumni, users, and so on. It feels like the words Excellence With Morality (UNAIR Motto, ed) is the foundation of our activities,” said Prof. Dian

When asked about the role of students, she stated that students are like ‘pearls’. She also said that all students also participate in the management of the faculty. The reputation and achievements made by students also improve the good reputation of the faculty nationally and globally.

“We must provide professional services to students. It’s like: Students, do any activities you need, but you have to stay in this right direction; what can we support? So students are extraordinary,” added Prof. Dian when affirming her commitment to supporting activities carried out by FEB students.

Furthermore, she also said that internationalization efforts had been initiated for a long time to make this achievement. International activities such as conferences, student exchange, and student mobility are held more often. In addition to providing its own experience for students, these international activities can also be a medium for faculty branding in the international arena.

Prof. Dian emphasized the importance of the educational atmosphere built within the faculty. For him, this good atmosphere will be able to support the academic community in working and studying.

“We build this together; leaders here are not leaders. I always say that I am not the dean, all of them here are not KPS (Head of Study Programs), but (all of us, -ed ) a working team,” said the UNAIR Professor of Accounting. “FEB students, continue to excel, and I hope students will improve not only their hard skills but also their soft skills,” she concluded (*)

Author: Afrizal Naufal Ghani

Editor: Nuri Hermawan