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The Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Secretariat is an administrative arm of the university that carries out works in secretarial, legal, archival and protocolary administration of the university.

Management Office of Unair, Level 4
MERR Campus Mulyorejo, Surabaya
E-mail: sekretariat@su.unair.ac.id

1. Formulating a plan for Unair’s administrative, legal, and archival management systems.

2. Coordinating the supply of information to support the Rector’s decision-making process.

3. Drafting Rector’s Regulations.

4. Consolidating information within Unair.

5. Consolidating events related to the Rector.​

6. Evaluating the existing secretarial management system.

7. Preparing an accountability report for the implementation of their tasks to the Rector.




Dr. Faizal Kurniawan, SH., MH., LL.M


Ari Purwati, S.E


Kiswari, S.Sos


Pulung Siswantara, SKM., M.Kes

1. Drafting Rector’s Decrees or Rector’s Regulations, carried out based on an order/disposition from the University leaders to the University Secretary.

2. Disseminating a legal document recently signed by the Rector, that is, distributing its copy signed by the Rector via the University website.

3. Reviewing a legal document based on an order or disposition from the University Secretary in order to answer a problem legally. The results of the review are internally submitted to the official who gave the order/disposition.

4. Managing legal documents, which is carried out by compiling, retaining, and managing documents.

5. Giving legal aids in the event of University facing a legal problem, especially in cases tried before the Administrative Court, in which the division performs its legal aid functions for and on behalf of the University based on a special power of attorney.

1. Managing digital correspondence within Universitas Airlangga, thus supporting the university’s branding from the Unair’s Official Document Management;

2. Managing public services through integrated and digitized services;

3. Managing academic information services and complaints against the university, both in person and indirectly;

4. Managing a comprehensive community satisfaction survey within Unair;

5. Assisting and evaluating the ongoing technical supports on administrative and secretarial management.

1. Ensuring the creation of archives of activities carried out by work units within Unair.

2. Ensuring the availability of authentic and reliable archives as valid evidence.

3. Ensuring the realization of reliable archive management and its utilization in accordance with applicable regulations.

4. Ensuring the safety and security of archives as evidence of accountability to the society, nation and state.
5. Improving the quality of public services in archive management and utilization.

6. Ensuring the safety of Universitas Airlangga’s assets.

7. Conducting archival supervision within Unair.

1. Managing University events/activities related to the Rector;

2. Coordinating protocol-related activities;

3. Managing the university’s souvenirs.