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Infographic: Opening up Career Opportunities through LinkedIn

Infographic by Sofia Almira

UNAIR NEWS – LinkedIn serves not only as a platform for seeking career opportunities but also for accessing information regarding internships, training programs, and competitions for students.

Understanding LinkedIn Before Building Personal Brand

Before building personal brand through LinkedIn, users must acquaint themselves with basic tools to utilize them well according to their needs. These tools include headlines, summaries, and skills.

Your Network is Your ‘Net Worth’

Social networking plays a crucial role in career advancement. In this regard, LinkedIn can significantly contribute to developing social networks if done effectively. Therefore, individuals need to identify their career interests to connect with the right people.

LinkedIn for Students

Students can utilize LinkedIn as a means to build a personal brand and leave a positive footprint before commencing their professional careers. It can be done by listing internship experiences, achievements, and involvement in organizations on LinkedIn as initial steps in self-branding.

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